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Welcome to eZintegrations, the cloud-based data integration platform that simplifies and streamlines your data processes. The eZintegrations platform offers an intuitive API marketplace for real-time data integration across various cloud platforms, making it easy for organizations to integrate and synchronize their data seamlessly.

With eZintegrations, bid farewell to ETL/ELT complexities and data pipeline hassles. The platform's user-friendly interface facilitates seamless drag-and-drop operations, and its enhanced logging feature ensures real-time issue resolution, making troubleshooting a breeze.

No more navigating APIs, crafting SQL and PL/SQL queries, or wrestling with debugging data sync issues in databases, data warehouses, lakehouses, and data mesh environments. eZintegrations takes care of it all for you.

The eZintegrations platform, a versatile and efficient data integration tool, empowers organizations to streamline their processes and boost productivity.

Data Source - API

Data Source- Database

Opting for database as a data source in integration involves establishing a connection between th...

Data Source - Bizintel360 Data Lake

Bizintel360 Data Lake is a search engine based NO-SQL database owned by Bizdata. Users can ingest...

Data Source- Websocket

A communication protocol known as WebSocket allows a client and a server to have a single, persis...

Data Operations

Bizdata Dataset

Data Target - API

Data Target- Database

Data Target- Bizintel360 Datalake Ingestion

Data lake ingestion as Data target allows you to efficiently transfer and store data from various...

Data Target- Email

Setting up Data Target as Email in eZintegrations:This feature enables users to receive timely em...


The Summary Page serves as the concluding stage in the integration service creation process. Foll...

Integration Bridge


Sprintf is a special way of passing the JSON key's value from one step to another step (source/op...

Pycode Examples


Accounting & Billing

Release Notes

Release Notes (September 15, 2023) Improvement: Implemented validation in the summary page un...



DIY Articles

Integrate Bizintel360

Activation Process for Organization Admin Users Organization Admin users have the authority to...


An API marketplace functions as a dynamic online platform facilitating the exchange of applicatio...